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Speak, Wood; Stone, Whisper revisits the stories of Genesis to tell them in the voice of a woman—Dinah, the only daughter of the patriarch Jacob. Mining the Biblical narratives for the rich human experience they suggest, this novel offers a world populated by “real” people, bringing forth the complicated motives and relationships much as the Biblical characters might have experienced them 4,000 years ago.

Both a family saga and a love story, Speak, Wood; Stone, Whisper is rooted in years of research, taking the reader deep into the era in which Dinah lived, circa 2,000 BCE. Echoing the cadence of the ancient poetry of Mesopotamia and Canaan, it reconnects the stories of the Bible with the actual myths out of which they arose, thus providing a kind of prequel to Genesis. Through the eyes of Dinah, the reader will witness the rise of monotheism as the polytheistic people of the Ancient Middle East would have: an epic struggle across pantheons and between generations of gods vying over the fate of Heaven and Earth.

Bearing witness to the slaughter at Shechem chronicled in the Bible, Dinah reveals what she envisions as the accompanying carnage in Heaven out of which the exclusive reign of El—the god of Judaism, Christianity and Islam—will arrive.

She speaks as a dystopic visionary for the silenced, the vanquished, and the dead, both gods and mortals, warning of what will be visited on Earth in the wake of the massacre in Heaven.

Speak, Wood; Stone, Whisper

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